Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Pray and fast for peace 1: Do not kill.

The harvest of justice is sown in peace
for those who work for peace.
James 3: 18

As Pope Francis calls for a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria nad throughout the world, I would like to offer the words of a hymn that I wish were more widely known and sung.

“¡No matarás!” is a hymn from El Salvador, inspired by the words of the martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero, which offers a vision of peace, based on justice, and recognizes that peace demands justice.

Blessed are the peacemakers– but “cursed” are those who kill.

Here’s my loose translation, followed by the Spanish.

Thou shalt not kill!
Do not kill!
For God and for the people,
I order you:
Do not kill. 
1. Cursed it the person who orders
people to be killed.
God is the God of life
and not of death. 
2. Cursed is the person who
denies the workers their rights.
The human is the new people
who will make the earth new. 
3. Cursed is the person
who joins plantation with plantation.
The harvest is for everyone:
let justice be done. 
 4. Cursed is the person
who makes laws and decrees
which oppress the humble
and defend the rich. 
 5. Blessed us the person who struggles
tirelessly for life,
to put death to death
and bring light to the nation.


  No matarás
  No matarás
  Por Dios, por el pueblo:
  te ordeno: 
  no matarás.

1. Maldito el hombre que ordena
    matar a los pobres.
    Dios es un Dios de la vida
    y no de la muerte.

2. Maldito el hombre que niega
    al obrero sus derechos.
    El hombre es el pueblo nuevo
    que hará nueva la tierra.

3. Maldito el hombre que junta
    hacienda con hacienda.
    Para todos la cosecha,
    hágase justicia.

4. Maldito el hombre que hace
    leyes y decretos
    que oprime al humilde
    y al rico lo defienden.

5. Bendito el hombre que lucha
    incansable por la vida
    para dar muerte a la muerte    y luz a la patria.

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