Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sometime in early 2007 I will be off to ministry in Honduras.

When this will happen, I don't know since I have told Fr. Ev, our pastor, that I will stay until a new person is hired so that I can help orient that person and help them make connections in the community.

I also don't know how the fundign will be worked out. The diocese in Honduras does not have money. I am confident that I have enough possible sources for assistance that I don't need to worry about this. It also appears that St. Thomas is looking for ways to assist me. But I don't know what this will look like and so I have some concerns about fundraising.

Throughout all this time of discernment I have grown in confidence that if this is God's will a way will be found. At times it's hard, but this has been a way of helping me to trust in God's loving providence, a way to grow in trust. And for this I am grateful.

I am not a person who is very good with ambiguity, but God is leading me. And so I must trust, for he is here.