Monday, September 16, 2013

Padre Guadalupe Carney revolutionary Christian

On September 16, 1983, Father James (Guadalupe) Carney was thrown out of a Honduran military helicopter to perish on a northern Honduran hillside.

I have written a longer reflection on Father Guadalupe on my Walk the Way blog.

But I wanted to be sure to share a short quote from him here:

To love Christ really is to try to live as He lived. If I love the poor as Christ did, I, too, freely choose to become one with them, live with them, share their lives, besides trying to use my talents to help and teach them... He freely chose to become one of the masses of poor people of the world, of the eighty percent of the world who ‘have not,’ rejecting the comfortable life of the twenty percent who ‘have’ (even though he loved them too). And he tore into the system and those that held the masses in the bondage of ignorance and poverty.... And he was killed for it. To be killed for my following of Christ would be my greatest joy too....

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Mr. W said...

Here's a video that Medios del Pueblo made about the recent celebration of Padre Guadalupe's life in El Progreso, Yoro:

Celebración de la vida del Padre Guadalupe Carney, El Progreso, Yoro, 14 de septiembre, 2013