Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Futbol at the drive in

Futbol here in Honduras is a religion, especially since there is a good chance that Honduras may make it to the finals in South Africa next year and Honduras hopes to be canonized world champions, the gods of futbol.

And so the Caritas Nacional retreat changed its schedule so that we could watch the game between Honduras and Mexico. The women were as into the game as the men. (Interestingly a Mexican bishop is giving the retreat. He didn’t join us for the game.)

Almost of all us went into Siguatepque and joined several hundred people at a Texaco gas station where they were showing the game on a big screen above the oil change pits! Some of the women in the group watched the first half from the roof of the can. Several of us found some hard concrete near the pits to sit and watch the game. The smell of oil pervaded the area.

During the second half one of the staff of Caritas Nacional brought out some beer and so some of us sat and watched as Honduras lost 1-0. It would have been worse if Honduras’ goalie hadn’t made some incredible saves in the first half. Otherwise Mexico dominated the game. (I can’t believe I’m doing this sport’s reporting – and about futbol/soccer! Honduras must getting to me.)

This reminded me of some of my favorite memories of childhood. Going with Mom and Dad in the car to watch movies at the drive in was loads of fun. And I did enjoy the game and cheered at the saves and was disappointed when we lost.

And so I chalk up a new experience in Honduras. I’m becoming more “catracho” every day.

"Catracho" is the name given to Hondurans.

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