Friday, March 13, 2015

The light

I have been reflecting the last few weeks about how I have been experiencing different textures of light here in Plan Grande. Yes, I mean “textures,” because at times the light seems almost palpable.

In the early morning soon after dawn and in the late afternoon shortly before sunset, there is an incredible light that seems to permeate the area.

I first experienced this in El Salvador in 1992 when I was living in the rural village of Haciendita 2. But here I experience it many days.

This light seems to pervade the landscape and it is almost tangible. Look at the light on the nearby church one recent morning about 6:45 am. 

But then there are the days when I have looked out on the valley and have seen splotches of the countryside lit by a beautiful light.

There have been the sunsets with their own types of light.

 There are also the nights when a full moon has illuminated the upper terrace so much that I could have read by moonlight.

And then there was the light this morning from my terrace in the midst of torrential rains and strong winds.

And then the light shone through the clouds.

Seeing this, I can appreciate the work of artists and photographers who try to catch the various lights that fall upon the earth, landscapes, buildings, and human interactions.

In the midst of darkness, may we always be open to the light – in the world and in the depths of our hearts.

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