Saturday, May 31, 2014

Viejito - old guy

The other day in the market here in Santa Rosa I passed by a booth and a kid called out “Viejito.” I pretended to be offended. When the kid saw me a few minutes later, he apologized.

Viejito” – old man; “abuelito” – granpops; and even “viejito rancio” – rancid old man: there are all often affectionate ways people address older men. It takes a little bit getting used to.

But now that I turn 67 tomorrow, I guess I do qualify as an “old guy.”

I also find that as I get older I get more like my father.

Today, I started joking with the workers on my house in Plan Grande. One of the guys was singing and I told he that his singing would scare the roosters. (Where I got that phrase I don’t know.)

The guys thought it was hilarious.

I then told them that I am getting more like my father who was incredible joker and could tell puns like no other person I know.

One of the guys noted that it’s better to be laughing that getting angry.

That's a good thing to remember at my age!

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