Sunday, December 01, 2013

Ninety-two catechumens

Last September catechists in about twenty towns and villages in the parish of Dulce Nombre began to prepare hose who were 14 and up for baptism.

Today, 92 arrived in the parish for the rite of election into the catechumenate. They will continue their journey in their villages until the baptism at the Easter Vigil next April.

The catechumenate is the process of initiation of adults into the Catholic faith. Here it involves weekly meetings with the catechists as well as two rites before their baptism.

I was very impressed at the enthusiasm of the young people. It was a great joy to see them.

I am also grateful to the catechists who continue to prepare them for their Baptism and First Communion.

These days I can look with hope on our ministry in the parish.

Here are some photos.

Padre German greets the candidates and their sponsors and catechists at the entrance to the church

They are greeted in the name of the church.

They come to the front of the church where they are signed with the Cross - on their foreheads...

They are signed on their ears, eyes, mouth, chest, back,


Some received a cross from their sponsors.

The Advent wreath was blessed

A catechist lit a candle for the first week of Advent.

Padre shows the solidarity banner from St. Thomas Aquinas, Ames.
Bibles were blessed 

and given to the catechumens.
More photos of the acceptance into the catechumenate can be found here.

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