Friday, October 15, 2010


Today is blog action day with the theme of water.

Just one thought about the situation in Honduras.

In several parts of the country private companies are contemplating setting up major hydro-electric projects with dams that would inundate people’s lands and reap major profits for the private businesses. One major project is in the municipality of San Francisco de Opalaca, Intibucá, which would build two or three dams to generate electricity but result in major displacement.

The situation is rather conflictive for although the mayor and others signed an agreement there is major opposition from the indigenous people in the municipality and from a former mayor.

As I understand it, the project would benefit the multi-millionaire Fredy Nassr, a nephew of another multimillionaire, Adolfo Facussé, a major supporter of the coup.

Water must be used to support the common good – not private interests or profits.

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