Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A busy weekend

All day Friday and Saturday morning I will be quite busy. The parish of Dulce Nombre is having catechist training in two different sites, in the parish center as well as in a remote village, El Zapote de Santa Rosa. We are having the training in two places, not only to make the size of the sessions more managable but also to save some people from extremely long walks.

I will be in El Zapote, a reomote village on the top of a hill, without electricity. I know a fair number of people from he area and so I will be glad to be there. But I found out today that I have six sessions to lead (instead of the three I had thought). I´ll have to work on them in the next two days, but I´m not worried too much. I just hope I can find ways to make the sessions participative.

Most of the catechists have six years of education or less, even though they are very motivated. And so I need to find ways to help them learn that really speak to them, from their experience. This has been an intriguing challenge and I´ve found that I can be somewhat creative. I´ve had a few flops, but that´s part of the learning process. And the people are very patient with me!


More on education

I have written a few times of the program ¨Maestro en Casa¨- the program of education that uses radio programs and a one day weekly follow up session in a central location. Several new locations have opened up in the parish of Dulce Nombre, including one in El Zapote which will have 28 students. This is very encouraging.

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