Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sister Rain

We are in the dry season with very hot temperatures and we’ve had no rain for quite some time – until last night.

Thunder and lightning preceded the rain – one lightning bolt striking very close to the house and surprising me as I was preparing dinner.

And then the rains came, in torrents. My rain water barrels filled up quickly and the earth soaked in the rain.

I always love a good rain during a hot day. You can feel the difference in the air.

But this time the rain unleashed the smell of my neighbor’s flowering trees. As I looked out, an incredible smell overwhelmed me, a smell that it is difficult to explain. The fragrance continues even this morning, delighting the senses.

The morning awakened to an intense fog that surrounded Plan Grande. 

As I sat and prayed, I noticed that there was condensation from the fog on some of the screens.

I sat at a different spot toe at breakfast and noticed that the fog was coming in the living room windows.

A little later the sun began to emerge, burning off the fog, promising another hot day.

But in the meantime the rain has nurtured the earth, unleashed fragrances, and refreshed my soul.

Blessed be Sister Rain.

Flowers in my garden

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