Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday started with rain in Plan Grande.

A little chill in the air and rain made me wonder what the procession would be like in Dulce Nombre. But when I got there the rain was more like a light mist – and then stopped and started several times.

We started the blessing of palms and the procession in a field near the water tank about a kilometer from the church about 9:30 am.

In Dulce Nombre they usually have twelve kids in albs as part of the procession. 

This year there was a donkey for the procession.

Some of the kids mounted the burro before Padre German arrived.

After the blessing Padre German mounted the burro and we walked to the church, singing all the way.

At the church most of those in the procession entered for Mass, which lasted until about noon.

After Mass, I had to go to Santa Rosa to get a few things and returned to Plan Grande about 3:45 pm.

The catechists from Plan Grande and Candelaria were leading the retreat for the elect from the two communities and La Torera in preparation for the baptisms at the Easter Vigil. They pulled me into doing a few things and leading the final prayer.

The session ended at 4:45 pm. Folks from La Torera asked me to give them a ride to the turn off to their village. Fourteen people got on or into the truck – a violation of the law, but this was an act of mercy. Otherwise they would have had to walk two hours to get home.

When I left them, they wanted to give me some money for the ride. Instead, I asked them to say an Our Father for me – I need it. 

I was really glad to be able to give these people a ride. They have just begun pastoral work in the village this year with the help of neighboring villages - and they have six young people who will be baptized at the Easter Vigil.


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