Sunday, October 17, 2010

U S Visit

I'm in the US for a visit, first to the east coast to visit relatives and to give a talk at the University of Scranton, and then to Ames, Iowa, to visit the parish which supports my presence in Honduras as well as projects with the parish of Dulce Nombre de María.

It's strange to be here. Though I've been here less than a week, it seems so long ago that I left Honduras - and I miss it.

I've had to go out and get some things in stores. What I find interesting is that I don't feel pressed to buy a lot - as I would have several years ago. I know what I'm looking for and that usually satisfies me - a new watch, a few clothes, etc. Has my experience in Honduras vaccinated me against rampant consumerism? (I hope so. It also helps that I have a limited budget.)

But there is so much here in the US.

There are good people who have been very kind to me. In Scranton I encountered some students at the U who connect with the poor in the US and elsewhere.

But it's another world and I really do feel more at home in Honduras.

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Tim Malone said...

John, I have often felt the same way after coming back from even short trips to Latin America. You are right, and it is inspiring to know that you feel similarly to the way I do. We have a lot, perhaps even too much, and at times I feel that this impedes our satisfaction with life, and the fulfillment that comes to us from it. But, then again, we are all different. I hope to come and visit again some time, and hope to find my own way to stay long term. You are a good man John. Keep living and serving. You are truly an exemplary servant of God and God's people.