Saturday, May 22, 2010

What are you looking for?

Yesterday, visiting the incredible farm of Moises in Mejocote, outside Gracias, Lempira, I saw again this incredible flower. I asked Carmela, Moises' wife, what it was called.

"Busca novio" or "Busca novia" - Looking for a fiancé(e).


PS - I'm NOT looking for a novia!

PPS - I need to do a post on Moises' farm which is a marvel; I'll try to write one and include photos before the end of May.


RNS said...

It's a heliconia, probably a heliconia caribae


John (Juan) Donaghy said...

Thanks, but I still like the popular name.

Incidentally some people here had called similar plants liconia (or maybe I misheard heliconia).