Thursday, July 23, 2009

Padre Fausto

I just heard that last Sunday, July 19, the training center of INEHSCO in San Juan de Opoa, Copán, was "under surveillance and being investigated" by the Honduran police unit called DGIC (Direccion General de Investigaciones Criminales - the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations) at 5:15 pm. The person who told me this said they search the center, looking for weapons.

INEHSCO is the natural medicine and health network which Father Fausto Milla founded. He is currently its exectuive director. Padre Fausto has also been outspoken against the coup.

I wonder if this was why Padre Fausto was so restrained at Mass on Sunday. Not intimated - but perhaps tired.

Please pray for him.

Is this what this country has come to?

-Correction: in my haste to post this I identified July 19 as Thursday. It was Sunday. Thus my note about Padre Fausto being restrained must be revised. He was restrained - but probably not because of the harrassment.

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