Sunday, April 24, 2016

God's creation and human destruction

I have the blessing of living in an extremely beautiful place – surrounded by mountains, valleys, trees, coffee fields, and more.

This time of year there are also many flowering trees that bring color in the midst of the brown dust and dry fields.

I have also been able to plant flowers on the south side of the house and they are blooming.

I also have experienced between dawns and sunsets – and other gorgeous views that open my heart in gratitude to God for the beauty of creation.
I also have experienced the cicadas whose cacaphony is nearly deafening.

But there are times when I fear for what we humans do.

A few night’s ago I noticed a fire on a nearby hill which spread. Someone was burning the hillside.

at night
the next morning
There are a good number of fields that are being burnt. One of the largest and most devastating is on the road between the main highway and Dulce Nombre. The owners have burned acres of land and cut down trees – to plant coffee.

In the midst of this, we are experiencing hot and dry days. Here in Plan Grande we have water once or twice a day, partly because of some road construction that has affected the pipes but also because the source is not as abundant as normal.

In some parts of the country the situation is more serious and people have little or no food because of the drought.

The hand of “man” [sic] is wreaking havoc.

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