Sunday, December 28, 2014

First week in Plan Grande

I’ve now been living in a new house in Plan Grande  - if you don’t count the two days I spent over Christmas with the Dubuque Franciscan Sisters in nearby Gracias, Lempira.

It’s been a good experience. I find I’m a lot more centered than I was in Santa Rosa. The view helps; the quiet is amazing; my prayer/study room is comfortable and welcoming.

I’m reading more, praying a bit more, and using the internet less. (I thought I had no access until the other night. Now I have access, even though it’s slow.)

I’ve washed clothes by hand and hung them out to dry - several times. 

I've used the kitchen - making soup and I even baked cinnamon rolls for Christmas with the sisters (and shared a few with a neighbor before I left for Gracias.)

But the real joy has been to be here with the people.

I know that I am not living as they live. – I’m still a middle class gringo in Honduras.

But I’m finding myself a bit connected with people. 

I went to three of the Posadas – the pre-Christmas re-enactments of Mary and Joseph seeking lodging (posada) in Bethlehem.  I went to Sunday Mass here last week and to the Sunday celebration this morning.

I went to the local church council meeting Saturday night and afterwards invited the members to see the house.

I have kids – and adults – stopping by to see the crazy gringo and his house.

I hope to have curtains later this week as well as a living room sofa.

But I’ll soon have everything out of the house I rented in Santa Rosa and will hand over the keys to the owner. Then, this will really be the place where I am.

The access to other parts of the parish is much easier than when I lived in Santa Rosa. Friday I went to a meeting of a small coffee cooperative in formation – only 15 minutes away by car. Today I’ll go out to Mass in the same village.

All this is a blessing. I look forward to more involvement in the life of the parish, God willing.

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