Monday, March 04, 2013

In the countryside with Padre German

This past weekend was cold in western Honduras. It got down into the low forties at least two nights.

It was especially cold on Friday when I went with Padre German Navarro to two villages where he was going to celebrate Mass.

Agua Zarca church in the mist

We went to El Zapote de Santa Rosa and from there walked or rode a horse to the nearby village of Agua Zarca. I rode a horse going up and Padre rode coming down.

A little mud

The path was pure mud and I slip/slided down, without falling in the mud.

We had Mass in the small church in Agua Zarca and Padre introduced himself to the people as he has been doing for the past weeks, often presiding at three Masses a day.

Mass in Agua Zarca

After Mass in Agua Zarca we hiked back to El Zapote for an afternoon Mass. On the way there Padre German asked if I would do the reflection on the Gospel. I was moved to be asked.

After Mass we went back to Dulce Nombre where I picked up my truck and headed back to Santa Rosa. I may have to move out to the parish (or get a truck with better lights) if I continue to be out in the countryside until dusk.

Saturday, I led a retreat in El Zapote for the pastoral workers in Zone 3. Mist, rain – heavy at times, wind, and cold accompanied our time in the church. But 37 had come out, some walking in the rain and cold to have an opportunity to deepen their faith.

I led the sessions which ended with a celebration of the Word with Communion, led by the Communion ministers. Marco Tulio from El Zapote gave a good reflection on the Prodigal Son parable, noting something I had never noticed: the father addresses both his sons as “my son.” Relationship is central for our life with God, and God is the one who reaches out to us.

Sunday I went out to San Agustín with Padre German. There have been some problems there and Padre sat down and talked with them. Next week we’ll be back and he asked me to do a presentation to the base community members of base communities and their spirituality.

Formation of pastoral workers and deepening of spirituality are very important for Padre German. I’m looking forward to working more on this with him, as we plan on how to improve the work in formation that Padre Efraín began.

This week I’ll spend a few days in Caritas and then spend the weekend in the Dulce Nombre parish. 

God is good.

Sunset driving back to Santa Rosa, March 3

This photo does not give a good idea of what the sunset was like driving back to Santa Rosa with corn and beans for the bishop, a gift from Yaruconte, one of the rural villages of the Dulce Nombre parish. Both the beauty of creation and the generosity of the poor continue to give me hope and reveal signs of God's presence.

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