Thursday, February 07, 2013

Florence, day one

It's been less than two days since I've arrived in Florence, Italy, but it feels as if I have been here several days. I've walked more in the past 36 hours than I have for a long time.

I arrived late morning Wednesday, 7 February, and after settling in my stuff in a hotel I went off to explore the city. (I did have a concern, though, since my luggage hadn't arrived with me. Somehow it decided to take a Swiss vacation and landed up in Zurich.)

I stopped at the cathedral and had the chance to pray as well as marvel at the impressive building.

Then I was off to Santa Croce, the Conventual Franciscan church.

In some ways I came away a little disappointed.

The frescos of St. Francis are not in a good condition, though I marvel at the beauty of the death scene painted by Giotto.

In addition, the church is filled with funeral monuments of "important" people. There is also a separate chapel that was built with the money of a friend of the Medicis. So much for Franciscan simplicity.

Since it was a beautiful day, I decided to climb to the top of the cathedral dome, all 493 steps. I made it in decent time, though I let younger people pass me.

The view at the top was beautiful.

After a nice vegetable soup dinner I headed back to the hotel to upload photos. The luggage arrived at 9:00 pm.

Wednesday I woke up later than usual and spent the day walking more. Details to follow.

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