Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alternatives to Violence Workshop 2

Monday and Tuesday we had a training session in Dulce Nombre facilitated by two women from San Pedro Sula who work with the Tejedoras de la Misericordia, Weavers of Mercy, Misericordia Tejedora de Sueños [Mercy, Weaver of Dreams], a project that, I believe, the Sisters of Mercy support.

Nelly, one of the facilitators

This was the second we had in Dulce Nombre. The first one in July had 15 participants. I wrote about it here. We had only eight this time but they were committed. It was also great that there were three young people there and that there was equal representation of women and men.

In this workshop we selected two themes to work on. We ended up working on themes of fear and power.

participants with Aida, one of the facilitators

What struck me was how some have already found ways to diminish violence in their communities. This was especially poignant for me since one person who was going to come called me on Sunday to tell me he couldn’t come because of the wake for two people killed in his village.

Several of us will probably go forward in the process to learn how to co-facilitate these workshops. This will probably be in April, 2013.

My hope is that we can begin to form teams of peacemakers in the parish.There is a great need and I think this program can help us work together for a culture of peace and nonviolence. 

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Charles said...

Wishing you and everyone you work with abundance, John. I deeply appreciate the work you do.