Thursday, August 02, 2012

More contrasts in Honduras

Early Sunday morning I set out for Dulce Nombre to meet Padre Efraín.

As I drove out of Santa Rosa de Copán, I saw a BMW car full into a gas station. Shortly after I was passed by a Hummer. I was even more surprised when the Hummer took a left at the turn off to Dulce Nombre. I followed him for a while until I took the road to the center of town.

I am often surprised at the big, expensive cars here in Santa Rosa – especially lots of big new four wheel drive Toyotas and Nissans and any number of SUVs. I wonder where the money comes from. (Some suggest money laundering from drug-trafficking, though I think many are owned by people who make money from coffee and from construction.)

After meeting Padre Efraín in Dulce Nombre, he drove us out to the village of San José El Bosque for Mass.

At the Mass there were 35 baptisms and about 8 first communions. 

It was a nice celebration that squeezed several hundred people into a small church, though the singers could use a little help.

After Mass the people provided a meal for Padre Efraín, me, and René (who’s hoping to enter the major seminary next year). Of course, it was chicken and I declined.

(Being a vegetarian, declining meat so that the people here can eat it instead of me, is a little strange for them. But when I explain it in terms of solidarity – and not taking protein from the poor – it makes some sense to them.)

The town is poor, the road terrible, but the people welcomed us.

In fact, I got volunteered to go back there on August 26 to facilitate a confirmation retreat for the 65 or more that will be confirmed in September from this sector.

I’m looking forward and hoping the road is passable.


As we left, Padre Efraín and I talked with some of the leaders about finding ways to expand the church to accommodate more people from the sector, to use for special Masses and meeting.  A few hundred dollars for cinder blocks, tin roofing,  and cement would supplement the work and materials provided by the people.

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