Thursday, May 24, 2012

An amazing event

Amid the turmoil and violence in Honduras, amid the continuing controversy over the role of the US military and Drug Enforcement Agency in the "drug war" in Honduras, amid the continuing killings in the Bajo Aguán, here's a story that shows what Hondurans can do.

The church of San Marcos Ocotepeque, Honduras

This week people in the parish of San Marcos Ocotepeque worked to put in a water line for the parish’s formation center. Over 800 people showed up to dig the four kilometer long trenches and finished that work in one day. They had only expected 350 and so ran short of food for lunch.  

Another day was needed for the more complicated work. The center now was water.

What an amazing act of solidarity and cooperation.

José Romero, the director of Caritas of the diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán, played a central role in the project since he has had years of experience in water projects, mostly with the Honduran office of Catholic Relief Services.

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