Sunday, January 22, 2012

Violence in Honduras, part 2

Last Thursday I wrote a blog entry on the violence in Honduras. I particularly noted the poor coverage and analysis.

Over the past three days there have been a number of blog entries by other persons and a few articles that are fairly decent, recognizing the systemic causes of the violence. If you want to read them click on the links below.

Boz wrote on police corruption in Honduras today here.

Mike wrote an entry on his Central American Politics blog here.

RAJ on the ever helpful and insightful Honduras Culture and Politics wrote an insightful essay.

An article that has revealed the depths of the problem is Tim Johnson's "Crime booms as Central Americans fear police switched sides," on McClatchy Newspapers website here.

A fairly decent article in the Miami Herald, though the title is sensationalistic, by Frances Robles,  is "Honduras named murder capital pf the world," here.

Also, Human Rights Watch recently released his  World Report 2011, where its analysis of Honduras can be found here.

It looks as is people in the world are beginning to look a little more deeply at the situation here. What will be done is the real question? Will it really deal with security issues, including impunity, or just seek a heavy-handed (la mano dura) approach to security with more military involvement and US intervention. I don't think there will work.

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John (Juan) Donaghy said...

Since I first read it, the Miami Herald article changed the title to "Graft, greed, mayhem, turn Honduras into murder capital of the world." There is a critique of the article, with its failure to mention the 2009 coup, at
The McClatchy article is distinctly superior and the change of title makes this another example of the poor reporting on Honduran violence.