Sunday, July 24, 2011

A music festival to save the planet

The earth groans, as if with labor pains
There is a lot of talent among the people I work with in the parish of Dulce Nombre. That became very clear the past Saturday when the parish had an ecological festival, inviting groups from the parish to come and sing songs they've written. 

The theme was 'Let us save our planet."

Two of the best music groups in the parish didn't participate (those from Plan Grande and Yaruconte), but there were seven presentations in the competition and three others, including one of the judges and one of the two seminarians who are visiting here from  the Archdiocese of Dubuque.

There were a few participants who could use a bit of help in terms of pitch and composition, but overall it was a good day and people were reminded of our need to care for the earth.

A few photos and two videos follow.

First Prize group - Voces de Cristo - from Quebrada  Gande

Second prize group from Cerro Negro

A video of Luis:

Kevin Earleywine & Jarrett Wendt (Dubuque, Iowa, Archdiocesan seminarians) got into the act.

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