Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The crisis deepens

The crisis in Honduras is getting more serious.

The strikes of the teachers continue. Some health workers were on strike yesterday, affecting 30% of the public institutions at least part of the day. There is continued use of tear gas and water cannons in Tegucigalpa. There are also several places in the country where the roads are blocked. Tomorrow the Resistance has called for a general strike.

The president has threatened to suspend or dismiss teachers who do not teach in the classroom. An analysis of this can be found here.

Today in Santa Rosa several high schools - teachers, students, and parents - marched in support of the teachers' demands. Below are several photos of students and teachers from the Instituto Alvaro Contreras in Santa Rosa, the most prestigious public school in the region. They were marching to the central square where other schools would be gathering.

"We demand solutions."

"The teacher in struggle is also working."

"No more silence."
"We demand respect for the law of the teacher."

"We demand respect for the law of the teacher."
"No more violence."
"Let us defend the public school."

"Honduras belongs to everyone."
"Let's rescue IMPREMA [the teachers' pension fund organization]"

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