Friday, February 26, 2010

In Dulce Nombre

Today, Friday, I spent the day in Dulce Nombre in a workshop on liturgy with 57 pastoral workers. I spent four hours this afternoon explaining the parts of the Mass. I had a lot of fun and I think they got much of what I tried to pass on.

I pulled together a thirty page booklet for them - with lots of room for writing and with lots of graphics. I tried to do the workshop in a popular education style - helping them discover what they might already know and connecting what they don't know with their personal experiences. This is one of the greatest challenges for me in my work in the parish, but I really enjoy it. And I learn a lot from the people.

And I have fun. Sometimes I think I am just entertaining - the crazy gringo who makes lots of grammatical errors and is quite animated. But the evaluation was encouraging.

Internet access is very slow here but I manages to find this article by Tom Padgett on Honduras in the most recent America magazine. It's fairly good and recognizes the complexity of the situation. I will need to study it more in order to do a more detailed analysis.

It also reminded me that I really need to write a short article on my experience the last few months and another on the role of the church. Finding the time and disciplining myself are the greatest challenges, but it is Lent!

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tejasjeff said...

I read Oscar Arias farewell speech and found it sad.