Thursday, October 25, 2007


On Wednesday, October 24, my 144th day in Honduras, I got my “Honduran residency.” I took the two and half hour bus ride to San Pedro Sula, spent two hours in the Migration Office where I was finger-printed and photographed and got my constancia (proof) of being recognized as an official Honduran resident. I still have to wait for an official ID card, but now I don’t need to carry around my passport. I am not a Honduran citizen – that would mean giving up my US citizenship – and no matter how critical I may be of the US I still have my roots there.

This week has also been full of little surprises – gifts of hope.

Last Saturday I went to Dulce Nombre de Copán and met with the Parish Council. If all goes well and there are no objections from the bishop, I’ll probably spend about two or more weekends a month out there, helping in many ways. The pastor, Padre Efraín Romero, suggested to the council that I help with some workshops on the bible and on the Mass. This will be a welcome challenge.

By the way, there were about 28 people at the meeting, a few of whom had traveled almost four hours (on foot) to get there! They meet once a month. Talk about dedication.

Tuesday I had the second weekly bible study at the Catholic University. Four people showed up this week – three more than last week’s “crowd.” Each week we’ll be reading the Gospel for the following Sunday and I hope to offer the students a variety ways of reading and interpreting the Gospels.

Next week we will probably begin the first of a series of meetings with faculty members at the Catholic University. The director of the Catholic University has found a faculty member to coordinate these meetings. I’ll be attending these meetings and helping out.

There is also an opening to meet regularly with a group of students from the National University. I’ve been hoping for this for quite some time. Patience is the word here!

These are just a few of the opportunities opening up. I am still visiting the kindergarten in Colonia Divina Providencia here in Santa Rosa about once a week and also going out to the jail every two weeks or so. The last time at the jail one guy wanted me to work with him on English while I worked with another student on reading and multiplication. I sat between the two of them alternating languages.

The lunch program for kids is delayed a bit but i hope we can get it going early next year. I also hope I can find the funds for the community center in Colonia Divina Providencia.

The needs are great, but God is good.

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